Fair Housing Task Force

2020 Meeting Dates
(1:00 PM)
(1:00 PM)
(Public Hearing @ 11:00 AM)
(11:00 AM)

2020 Members - Legislator Sam Gonzalez - Legislator Steve Flotteron - Dr. Georgette Grier-Key - Bo Patten - Lynda Perdomo-Ayala - Cicely Harris - Elaine Gross - Dawn Lott - Liza Milgrim - Sharon Mullon - Nancy Vargas-Johnson

Mission Statement

The Fair Housing Task Force shall conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Suffolk County Human Rights Law as it pertains to housing discrimination and determine how it can be improved and strengthened to reduce the incidence of such discrimination and recommend additional opportunities to improve the County’s enforcement of housing discrimination law and to ensure County residents are protected from housing discrimination.