Coindre Hall Advisory Board

2021 Meeting Dates
(4:00 PM via Zoom)
(4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
(4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
(4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
(CANCELED - Rescheduled
Meeting Date TBD)
(4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

  • All meetings will take place in person at Coindre Hall, 101 Browns Rd, Huntington, NY 11743.
  • It is requested that public comments be kept to 3 minutes per speaker.
  • Meeting minutes are posted after they are adopted at the following meeting with a quorum 
  • For information on the Coindre Hall Advisory Board, please reach out to Legislator Spencer’s Office at 631-854-4500.

Members of the community may be interested in participating in the regularly scheduled Suffolk County Environment, Parks and Agriculture Committee will be held via Zoom on Monday, November 8th at 10 AM when there will be a presentation on Coindre Hall provided by the Suffolk County Parks Department and the Suffolk County Department of Public Works. Those interested in addressing legislators over Zoom may sign up at Members of the public may also send written testimony by e-mail to or by regular mail to the attention of the Clerk's Office at the Suffolk County Legislature, P.O. Box 6100, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Audio testimony will be accepted by voicemail at 631-853-3685 and callers may leave a 3-minute message, which will be read aloud and entered into the public record at that meeting.

In 2020 the Suffolk County Legislature passed a resolution for the creation of an Advisory Board for the rehabilitation and revitalization of Coindre Hall, including saving the boathouse, securing the pier and repairing the damaged sea wall. The Committee is comprised of local volunteer citizens and stakeholders whose mission is to rehabilitate and beautify the entire property without altering the character or purpose of the Park.

There is no plan to involve a private developer in the restoration of Coindre Hall (main house). In fact, the main house has already been significantly restored and its use is at full capacity.

There are plans, however, to eventually restore the boathouse. As you may be aware, the boathouse has suffered significant structural damage over time and has been condemned for any use. The County’s plan is to first restore and stabilize the seawall. We are in the process of obtaining bids from private firms to undertake this project. Once the seawall is stabilized, the County hopes to restore and stabilize the boathouse and the adjoining dock.

The current cutting of vegetation is part of the seawall restoration project as we will need to bring construction vehicles to the waterfront to conduct this work. Furthermore, we are cutting back vegetation that should have been maintained years ago. All of the vegetative cutting was reviewed and approved by our in-house environmental staff.

COINDRE HALL ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS (Each member serves on a voluntary basis and receives no compensation) 

  1. GARRETT CHELIUS Chair - Town of Huntington Designee
    1. A lifelong Huntington resident, Garrett serves as FOIL Officer, Telecommunications liaison for the Town of Huntington Planning and Environment Department and is active on the Zoning Board of Appeals, The Planning Board as well as the EOSPA (Environmental Open Space and Park Fund) Committee.
  2.  KATHLEEN CLEARY Vice-Chair - Presiding Officer’s Designee
    1. Kathleen was selected for her expertise in horticulture and project management as well as for her years of civic engagement.
  3.  SHAMEIKA HANSON Secretary - LD 18 Designee
    1. With a Professional Science Masters in Environmental Studies with a concentration in sustainable development and climate change resilience, Shameika has used her skill-set to work in collaboration with communities on pressing issues such as coastal resiliency as well as enhancing diversity, equity and justice.  
  4. KEITH LARSEN- S.C. DPW Designee
    1. As the Capital Projects Manager for the Department of Public Works, Keith has extensive institutional knowledge of Coindre Hall that he has gained in his 20 plus years at the County. 
  5. DON McKAY - S.C. Parks Designee
    1. Former Parks Commissioner in the Town of Huntington and now the Deputy Commissioner for Suffolk County Parks, Don has a deep appreciation for the role our parks play in serving the public and enhancing the quality of life for residents. As a longtime advocate for the restoration and improvement of Coindre Hall, Don’s service on the board is invaluable. 
  6. Walter Zalak - North Shore Baymen’s Association Designee
    1. Walter is a lifelong resident of Huntington and a member of the North Shore Baymen’s Association. He has been a bayman for 45 years.  Having witnessed the decline in the quality of our local waters, Walter advocates for having a healthy environment, especially clean water so that everyone benefits.
  7. IAN MILLIGAN- Greater Huntington Council of Yacht & Boating Clubs Designee D
    1. As the President of the Council of Boating and Yachting Club Ian was selected to represent the interests of the boating community as it relates to Coindre Hall’s waterfront.
  8. JOSEPH W. RYAN, JR.- LD 18 Designee
    1. Joseph was a student at Coindre Hall in the 1950’s and is a lifelong resident of Huntington.
  9. JEROME WOOD - LD 18 Designee
    1. A lifelong resident of Huntington, Jerry lives adjacent to Coindre Hall and deeply values the park. Jerry has a philanthropic background and is helping to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the park.
  10. GINNY MUNGER KAHN- LD 18 Designee
    1. Ginny is the President of the Long Island Dog Owners Group, an organization she joined 20 years ago.  She has worked tirelessly for greater park access for dogs on Long Island.  She, along with other members and advocates, has successfully championed for on-and off-leash dog parks throughout Suffolk County and the Town of Huntington.
  11. HERB MORROW- LD 18 Designee
    1. As an accomplished leader in the Town of Huntington, serving as the Mayor of Huntington Bay since 1994, Herb brings decades of knowledge and experience in public service and is motivated to service as a steward of Coindre Hall.

** RICHARD MARTIN Director of Historic Services for Suffolk County (Non-Voting Member) - Richard brings attention to the Park’s rich historic value and is well versed in the regulations governing uses of the park.


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