Teen Pregnancy Advisory Board

Due to the reinstitution of the NYS Open Meetings Law waiver, The Teen Pregnancy Advisory Board will be holding all meetings in a hybrid fashion offered both in-person and remotely via zoom. Members of the public are welcome to speak during the public portion of the zoom meetings. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes. Those wishing to participate in the public portion, may do so by registering at the link below. Those wishing to submit written comment may email ContactLegislatorAnker@suffolkcountyny.gov.

Fill out the online form to speak via Zoom at the upcoming meeting

2022 Meeting Dates

MEMBERS: Cynthia Amato (Chairperson), Beverly Jefferson, Reverend Pearson/Grace Ioannidis, C. Claudia Delgado, Colleen Merlo, Robyn Berger–Gaston, Larry Philips, G. Christopher Weiner, Judith Montauban, Ellen Higgins, Maria McCue, and Allison Eliscu

All meetings will be held at 10:00 AM and will be held in a hybrid fashion with options to participate in-person at the Legislature building in Hauppauge or remotely via zoom. The zoom link will be provided via email after the online speaker form has been submitted via the link above.
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Introductory Resolution 1504-16 (PDF)

Introductory Resolution 1728-14 (PDF)

Introductory Resolution 1811-11 (PDF)

Introductory Resolution 1851-09 (PDF)

Mission Statement:

Suffolk County’s Teen Pregnancy Advisory Board was established by the Teen Pregnancy Task Force to provide ongoing support and assistance to Suffolk County’s continuing effort to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. The Teen Pregnancy Advisory Board’s mission is: 

  1. To promote educational outreach on teen pregnancy and related issues;
  2. To advocate for increased access to family planning services for sexually active youth;
  3. To recommend best practices to help young people, particularly those in marginalized groups, to avoid risky behaviors, including those that put them at risk of pregnancy; and
  4. To provide support for pregnant and parenting teens.