District 12 - Shriyans Singh - Gold

District 12 - Shriyans Singh - GOLD

Shriyans Singh | Legislator Leslie Kennedy's Honoree | Gold Award

District 12 - Shriyans Singh Headshot - GOLDShriyans Singh is one of our youngest participants in the DYA Program.  He is an 8th grader at Great Hollow Middle School   However, he will be attending his first year in high school in the fall.  Shriyans has received the Gold Medal.

Shriyans is an excellent student and works hard in the classroom.  He is also a motivated and talented violinist and is driven to succeed.  Many of his teachers say he is a delightful person with a charming sense of humor.

Shriyans enjoyed the volunteer component of the program.  He felt that volunteering has helped him better understand the needs of his community.  It had a positive effect on him.  He enjoyed the Long Island parks and realized that these ecosystems need to be maintained because they will affect the well-being of all living organisms. He has volunteered at the Smithtown Library and was in charge of 2 craft stations when there was a shortage of volunteers.  He is always helpful and courteous when volunteering. He has also made Veteran cards to thank them for their service to our country. He said it’s like a chain reaction when you make one person happy, they can in turn make someone else’s life happy.  

The personal development component made him look outside the box and try new things.  He continues to try new things and go exploring.  He also became a better writer and reader through book competition and book reviews.

Shriyans knows the value of being physically fit and has run marathons and continued to main an exercise routine.  He liked to challenge himself and push the limits and he succeeded. He feels kids should be outside exploring, bike riding, walking, running instead of being home playing video games.

Shriyans loved visiting all the parks.  They were very beautiful.  He had never been to Montauk and this program brought him to Montauk and he loved it.  He learned of the rare plants from that area.  He isn’t a fan of bugs so by visiting the parks, he overcame that issue.  He learned at Caleb State Park that schools can help our parks.  Schools are raising quails to teach kids responsibilities and that helps with the destruction of the species.  He loved exploring ecology.