District 16 - William 'Jack' Johnson - Bronze

District 16 - William Jack Johnson - BRONZE

William "Jack" Johnson | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 16 - William Jack Johnson Headshot - BRONZEOne of Williams 2020 DYA “takeaways “was learning that it takes   determination and discipline to achieve goals and time and effort to make progress. 

William “Jack “Johnson also learned to challenge himself whether it was in personal goals like learning to play a drum solo to eventually write his own music to building endurance in physical activity.  William didn’t let learning to be hampered as he became self-taught in learning music from YouTube videos.

“Check that box “William was able to build his endurance and become more physically fit.  He also was able to create a home gym and work out 3 x week.

Not one to let an opportunity pass him by, William learned to work outside his comfort zone and try new initiatives, whether easy of difficult.

Overall William found this program rewarding and a good life lesson and experience!