District 04 - Vincenzo Ciaravino - Silver

District 04 - Vincenzo Ciaravino - SILVER

Vincenzo Ciaravino | Legislator Thomas Muratore's Honoree | Silver Award

District 04 - Vincenzo Ciaravino Headshot - SILVERExploration

  • Vincenzo learned in the parks how best to navigate through them by learning how to best read and follow the signs and markers.
  • He was able to also see how to track and follow certain wildlife.
  • He was eager to search for signs of aquatic wildlife.

Physical Fitness

  • Goal was to go to the gym and focus on cardio and weight training. He was able to build up his endurance and strength.
  • He was able to walk 2 miles evert day as well as started bike riding.

Personal Development

  • Personal development goal was to learn more about nutrition and eat healthier foods.
  • He used the internet to search for these healthy foods and recipes.
  • He learned best practices in food preparation to reach that goal.