District 17 - Vanessa Tantillo - Bronze

District 17 - Vanessa Tantillo - BRONZE

Vanessa Tantillo | Legislator Tom Donnelly's Honoree | Bronze Award

Physical Fitness (Volleyball)

  • Participated and evolved in her junior varsity volleyball team for her school and a club team outside of school.
  • Worked hard over the summer to assure she made the team, along with improving her skills during practice in an effort to get more playing time which included private lessons.    


  • Explored parks with her family and her sister. 
  • Walked trails and experienced nature. 
  • Practiced Tennis at several courts throughout Suffolk County. 
  • Vanessa said “We went to a park right in my neighborhood that we pass all of the time, but we haven’t been their since I was younger, so getting back their and having the chance to reminisce on old memories was so much fun”.