District 16 - Hunter Knell - Gold

District 16 - Hunter Knell - GOLD

Hunter Knell | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Gold Award

District 16 - Hunter Knell Headshot - GOLDHunter attends Walt Whitman High School. He is a very active young man who enjoys the outdoors.  He challenged himself with physical activity and pushed his limits to improve his endurance and stamina. 

With boundless energy he sailed through the program to achieve the Gold Status.  

Hunter was mindful of his surroundings and neighbors. During this pandemic he helped his elderly neighbors with food purchases and deliveries.

He also liked the physical challenges and was engaged in this part of the program with family and friends. He played lacrosse with his dad and even assisted him in the coaching of a lacrosse team. Hunter also became proficient in photography as he visited many of the county parks and was able to capture the beauty in “a moment of time”.