District 04 - Jessica Alfano - Bronze

District 04 - Jessica Alfano - BRONZE

Jessica Alfano | Legislator Thomas Muratore's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 04 - Jessica Alfano Headshot 1 - BRONZEJessica is acutely aware of the environment and gained a profound respect for nature & keeping it clean She found the beauty of open space and it made her realize how important and fragile the environment really is to this world. 

Her personal development was learning to have a better understanding of foods, nutrition, preparation, flavors and spices.  She learned how to cook, shop, prepare meals and it helped her with mastering time management and applying this skill to everyday situations.  

Jessica came to understand and appreciate how our county parks are different & unique.  She learned camping is not as easy as she thought. She got an opportunity to visit historical sites that opened her eyes to the beauty of the outdoors in our parks here in Suffolk and beyond.

Jessica was able to set personal goals and physical challenges. She learned to enjoy the simple walks, the difficulty of spin class and cardio machines.  She pushed her limitations to achieve agility, in exercise, increase weight training and increase speed as well. 

Overall the DYA experience was a good life lesson in so many ways.