District 17 - Alyssa Katwala - Gold

District 17 - Alyssa Katwala - GOLD

Alyssa Katwala | Legislator Tom Donnelly's Honoree | Gold Award

District 17 - Alyssa Katwala Headshot - GOLDAlyssa went for the Gold and received it.  Alyssa was able to participate in four areas of achievement. She found personal growth and development in the areas of physical fitness as well as in volunteering in the community just to name a couple of them.

Alyssa like her sister volunteered through Kiwanis Club of Huntington and created Thanksgiving Baskets, Field of Honor, helped with the Fall Festival Fundraising Event and the Christmas Shopping Tour. She also volunteered for the Ambassador Club and helped with the Autism Breast Cancer Walk, Arts & Crafts, Christmas Party, Homecoming Parade and contributed efforts to the Homecoming and Valentine’s Day Party. From all of this she learned the importance of giving back to community and helping great causes that influence her wellbeing.

She also found our county parks to be a vista of beauty. She visited 15 parks in Suffolk County with activities that included, Biking, Hiking and Photography. This experience allowed her to spend time with family & friends as well as to enjoy nature & it’s landscape.

Alyssa was able to interact with the community and gain work experience. Alyssa worked at Mario’s Pizzeria and Chamber Orchestra.

Endurance and organization were helpful when engaging with the physical fitness portion of this program. She was able to build up her speed and endurance as well as confidence.  Over all the year program gave her an opportunity to balance and prioritize her school work , family obligations and community needs.