District 16 - Emily Sullivan - Gold

District 16 - Emily Sullivan - GOLD

Emily Sullivan | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Gold Award

District 16 - Emily Sullivan Headshot - GOLDEmily’s personal development focused on her love for photography and finding the beauty in the moment and capturing it “on film“.  She was able to travel around the world to different countries to see the beauty in the outdoors and appreciation for our environment.  She did the same here in Suffolk County.

She learned different techniques in taking pictures of the same landscape.  She clearly has an eye for different perspectives and Emily clearly understand the motto “if you do good…you will do well.” It’s no surprise that she has done well so far in life and from what she has done to date, you can see her achieving much success in the future.

Although it’s her 2nd year in this program and visiting the parks Emily learned something new each time. She has made a new tradition of enjoying something different in one or a few of the parks each time she visits it. She got to appreciate the beauty and serenity in the parks and appreciate nature more with each park visit. Her photo journal was quite impressive and beautiful. 

Emily excelled in physical fitness by focusing on building speed and endurance.  Sher attended varsity track every day after school and expanded her goals to running in a 600meter and 1000meter races. When not practicing on the track she excelled in road runs. 

Her Validator in this program said “Emily is a well-rounded dedicated student who does everything with a smile. Every project is completed early, with a goal of doing more. She knows the value of hard work and is always willing to go above and beyond to help a classmate. She offers to help without recognition She is involved in service activities in and outside of school.”