2021 Resolutions

  • Sponsored a resolution to establish a policy for County Employee Payroll Deductions used for political purposes by Political Action Committees established by unions (Introductory Resolution 1660-21 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a local law to update the County’s Fertilization Regulations to incorporate weather restrictions (Introductory Resolution 1565-21 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a local law to enact a campaign finance reform act to limit campaign contributions from County contractors and public employee unions (Introductory Resolution 1489-21 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a local law to establish an Independent Office of Inspector General for Suffolk County (Introductory Resolution 1175-21 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a resolution authorizing the  appraisal of land under the Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection program for a specific piece of property in Smithtown (Introductory Resolution 1172-21 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a resolution to amend the 2021 Capital Program and Operating Budget and transferring Assessment Stabilization Reserve Funds to the Capital Fund and appropriating funds for improvements to Kings Park – Downtown Sewers (Introductory Resolution 1013-21 (PDF))