Wendy Meyer

02. Wendy Meyer

Wendy Meyer | Legislator Bridget Fleming’s Honoree

02. Wendy Meyer photoTuckahoe School - During the Pandemic and closure of schools, Mrs. Meyer continued to deliver breakfast and lunch to her students. She went grocery shopping and delivered food for families of the community. She was also instrumental in saving families from evictions during this time by advocating for families with unstable housing.  She made well visits to children everyday including evening and weekends to assure physical and mental well-being. Mrs. Meyer also volunteered her time to assist students who were struggling with remote learning. Most recently, she has volunteered to be a vaccinator to provide children age 12 and over with the Covid vaccine.

East End Hospice - Wendy Meyer also works for East End Hospice taking care of patients with terminal illness.  During the pandemic, she didn't hesitate at all to provide care and support for those in need at the end stages of life. Whether they were dying from Covid-19 or another diagnosis, Wendy continued to provide hands on care and support for patients and their families with superior clinical skills and the utmost professionalism.