Phil Rauscher

07. Phil Rauscher

Phil Rauscher | Presiding Officer Rob Calarco’s Honoree

07. Phil Rauscher photoPhil Rauscher, 20 year employee of the Patchogue Ambulance Company, Advanced EMT (paid and also volunteered extra for a year during COVID).

Phil Rauscher has been an active member of the Patchogue Ambulance Company for almost 20 years, since his retirement from the New York City police force after 9/11.  Certified as an Advanced EMT, Phil rode the ambulance throughout the pandemic, transporting COVID patients to local hospitals for emergency treatment. What makes him special was not only his emergency medical skills, but that he coordinated all of the sanitation and PPE efforts during the darkest days. His training and preparation kept the entire crew healthy so that they were able to serve the community.  His behind-the-scenes work was essential to the running of the Patchogue Ambulance Company.