Ellen Komosinski

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Ellen Komosinski | Legislator James F. Mazzarella's Honoree

03. Ellen KomosinskiEllen Komosinski has a lifetime of experience as a Healthcare Hero serving her community as an active member of South Country Ambulance and serving all the residents of Suffolk County through her 36 career with the Suffolk County Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical services.

Ellen started with South Country Ambulance in April of 1976 and has been an active member ever since.  Soon after joining the department, she became a NYS Emergency Medical Technician and has remained so for over 42 years.  During her time with the department, she held the top position of Chief of the Department from 1983-1984 and then again from 1990-1991.  Ellen is one of only two women in the departments 82 year history to hold that 4 Star position as Chief of the Department.  In 2008, Ellen received the Departments highest award for service, having been name "Member of the Year". 

Ellen Komosinski began her career in Suffolk County in 1999 as an EMS instructor and has gone on to hold numerous positions including: AHA BLS Regional Faculty NYC/LI region, AHA ECC Regional Chairperson for NYC/LI region, Suffolk REMSCO Public Access Defibrillation Coordinator, Suffolk County PAD Coordinator, Suffolk County Emergency Services CISM Coordinator, NYS CIC 2012. In 2018, Ellen was promoted to Grade 23, EMS Officer. 

Ellen Komosinski has overseen the Suffolk County EMS Division “AHA Training Center” for the last 22 years.  She has taught approximately 26,500 separate CPR classes and trained close to 150,000 people in CPR throughout the County.

Ellen Komosinski has served as Coordinator for the Suffolk County Emergency Services Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) for more than two decades. CISM operates a 24-hour hotline for debriefings and related services and has been ready and available for emergency responders and dispatchers who needed to talk to someone throughout the very difficult, stressful time of COVID. Under her leadership, the CISM program has received many accolades and earned a well-deserved standing as a model program for EMS Providers and First Responders.

Ellen most recently presided over the CPR and AED training for all the employees of the Suffolk County Legislature, helping to ensure that everyone in the building has the skills that are needed to help during a medical emergency; ensuring her place as a Healthcare Hero to the entire Legislature. 

Ellen is married to her husband John who is a 40 year member of Brookhaven Fire Department and also currently serves as an Elected Commissioner for the Brookhaven Fire District.  She has two children Andrew and Beth, and two grandchildren Juliana and Briella.   Ellen resides in and has been a lifelong resident of Brookhaven Hamlet.  Ellen has devoted her life in service to others through her work in both the South Country Ambulance and through Suffolk County Emergency Medical Services.  Ellen exemplifies everything that defines a true Healthcare Hero.