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Hamra Deedee Ozsu | Legislator Bridget Fleming's Honoree

DO02 - Hamra Deedee OzsuHamra Deedee Ozsu is a teacher at Bridgehampton School District who has been dedicated to empowering students with leadership skills and advocating for equality. She has been at the school for close to 10 years and has made it her goal to create a positive and inclusive school culture. With 75% of the student body being majority Hispanic, Hamra has focused on promoting cultural sensitivity and awareness. She has coordinated events, served on the Health & Wellness committee, and implemented several afterschool clubs based on leadership.

Hamra's commitment to diversity and inclusion is also reflected in her outreach to families. She has presented a literacy workshop for Latino families, served on the panel for ENL Parent Night, coordinated Zumba family Night, and been a member of the Health & Wellness Committee for the past 5 years. She has also been the Director of the Elementary Student Government, Communication and Leadership Club, which empowers students with decision-making roles and culturally responsive fundraising activities. The Elementary Student Government recently won the Grand Prize from Rural Schools Association (RSA) for a film highlighting their unique school community.

Hamra's dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion is further evidenced by her role as PBIS and Assembly Coordinator. Every month, she coordinates an assembly program that highlights student achievement and showcases programs that highlight traditions from across the globe. These programs have included Chinese and Mexican New Year traditions, folk dancers, ballroom dancers, and activities that promote teamwork and kindness.

Overall, Hamra Ozsu's unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the Bridgehampton School District makes her an ideal candidate for the Champion of Diversity award. She is dedicated to continuing her work and making her school district a more welcoming and inclusive place for ALL students.