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Bishop E. Edward Robinson, II | Legislator Dominick S. Thorne's Honoree

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On August 7th, 1981 Earnest Edward Robinson, II, was born to Minister Earnest Edward Robinson, Sr. and Evangelist Audrey L. Robinson. This was truly a wonderful addition to the Robinson family. Earnest has 4 sisters and 1 brother (Debra, Hattie, Diane, Tyinqua and James).

At the age of 23, and on July 30, 2005, Bishop Robinson was join in holy matrimony to Lady Ebony Clark. Together Bishop and Lady Robinson are on a mission to fulfill the will of God for their lives. On the Glorious Day of August 18th, 2006, God saw it fit to add to the Robinson family, Earnest Edward Robinson, III. And on the wonderful day of August 4th, 2009, The Lord blessed them with their precious first daughter Nakiyah Monet` Robinson. God was not quite finished adding, so on January 19th 2015 the Lord blessed the Robinson’s with their baby girl, Nadiyah Grace Robinson.

Community Services

In 1999 at the age of 18 years old, Bishop E. Edward Robinson, II founded R.E. I. (Robinson Enterprises Incorporated) a corporate umbrella for Heavenly Printing & Divine Creations. (This is a Christian-based printing firm that assist businesses, especially churches) with all their publications (signs & banners, letterheads, business cards, programs, etc.) and ProMAC, Professional Marketing and Advertisement Consultations (also a Christian based company that works with churches and all kinds of proprietors advising them on marketing techniques, conferencing coordination and event planning).

Bishop sat on the Board of Directors of the New York Youth Club, serving as Director of Public Relations. and was voted to served as President 2007-2010. NYYC is a program that help keep teens off the streets, out of trouble and away from drugs and alcohol; by providing them with job training and placement, free recreational activities and educational and empowerment seminars.

Bishop Robinson is an active member of the community of which his ministry serves. He is a board member of the following community based organizations of which are mostly youth related as the youth are very precious and dear to his heart: Smithtown Youth Bureau Advisory Board, The Smithtown Youth Bureau is responsible for planning and supporting programs and opportunities for young people and their families. Youth projects are researched and developed with the assistance of the Town Youth Board and young people on a Youth Council. Smithtown Youth Community Alliance, The Community Alliance is an umbrella organization comprised of civic-minded individuals and community groups such as the police department, school district officials and those whose objective is to promote and enhance the quality of life of our young people. Smithtown Youth Industry Advisory Board. The IAB is a board comprised of members from the business community whose purpose of unity is to bring awareness to careers and job opportunities to our youth. We partner with corporations such as Microsoft, IBM & MTV. Bishop Robinson also sits on the Suffolk County Clergy Council. The Suffolk County Police Department Clergy Council. The Islip Anti-Bias Task Force. Bishop Robinson is the chairman and founder of the Long Island Minority Ministerial Alliance.

Personal Spiritual Development

Bishop E. Edward Robinson, II received Christ as his Lord and Personal Savior, May 7th, 1989, (age 7), under the ministry of Supt. Robert L. Madison, Washington Temple COGIC, Brooklyn, NY. The Lord filled him with the precious Holy Ghost on May 14th, 1989.

Ecclesiastical Accomplishments

Bishop Robinson accepted his call to Preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, May 21st 1994. He was thus licensed to minister by Bishop Harrison Hale, Cornerstone COGIC on June 24th, 1994. Because of Faithful service to the church and the call of God on his life, Minister Robinson was ordained Elder on April of 2002 by Bishop Harrison Hale. Elder Robinson served on the Executive Board of the Church of God In Christ Guatemala, Inc. in the office of Executive Secretary; He also served as Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff (Ministerial Affairs) and Executive Vice President of Affairs of the Cornerstone Evangelistic Temple C. O. G. I. C. and Corporate Offices.

Bishop Robinson, being led by the Holy Ghost, founded Go`Judah Evangelistic Ministries, also known as G.E.M, August of 2004.This ministry was established to simply serve the kingdom of God at Large and Evangelize the world for Christ. Under this ministerial covering, he has establish a weekly Television Ministry broadcast to millions of residences of the Long Island and five boroughs of the New York Metropolitan communities; awesome conference and empowerment classes.

January 8, 2006, by divine inspiration of the Holy Ghost, Bishop was formally inaugurated to the sacred office of Chief Servant Go`Judah Evangelistic Ministries. Apostle Gregory Prophetess Helen Wilk of Abundant Life Church of God were amongst those whom God elected to Lay Hands and send forth this servant of the Lord.

At the divine release of GEM, Bishop received yet another charge of the Holy Ghost; this was the acceptance of his Prophetic Calling. God has used him from a young age through the prophetic gifting, however it was this time that God began to establish him as a prophet to the nations. His prophetic ministry has and is a blessing to countless members of the Body of Christ and he has undoubtedly been proven to be a true Prophet of the Lord.

October 1st, 2006, Bishop Robinson answered the call of God to establish a fellowship of believers, Therefore in the heart of Smithtown New York on this date at 9:45am Kingdom Fellowship International Church held their 1st service. The Lord worked with the word, confirming the word with signs following. Bishop Robinson was officially installed as Pastor of KFC by the late Bishop Frank O. White, former Presiding Prelate of the Third Jurisdiction of Eastern New York of the Churches of God In Christ, Bishop White was also the Senior Pastor of Zion Cathedral, Freeport NY. And sat on the General Board of the COGIC National Church)

Kingdom Fellowship is a church of many colors and backgrounds however, we thrive on and with one spirit and one spirit only, which is the Spirit of the True and Living God. Our purpose is the build God’s Kingdom one life at a time.

March of 2011 the Lord called Bishop Robinson to establish a fellowship of Pastors and Heads of ministries to promote unity, empowerment and Kingdom Development and Growth. It was formally named Kingdom Fellowship of International Churches and Ministries. (but 2015 The Lord inspired us to change the name to Kingdom Fellowship of International Covenant Churches) KFOICC also provides covering and a safe place for development for in the full time ministry gifts.

In the 2013 Holy Convocation of KFOICC, the House of Pastors voted to elect E. Edward Robinson as their Bishop and General Overseer of the KFOICC. They sent a formal petition to the one Bishop Arthur Linder, Sr. Presiding Bishop of the Glorious Churches of God to lay His Hands on E. Edward Robinson and officially bring him into the episcopacy. Therefore, on April 25th, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Fourteen. The College of Bishops of the Glorious Churches of God, laid their hands on E. Edward Robinson and consecrated Him Bishop in the Lord’s Church.

Bishop Robinson serves in the House of Bishops of the Glorious Churches of God and is fully summited as an apostolic son of and to Bishop Author Linder Senior. (Bishop’s Great Grand Father, was one of the founding establishmentarians of this movement. The Glorious Churches of God dates back to 1922 and is over 90 years old). Currently Bishop Robinson serves as the Vice Presiding Bishop.

It is noteworthy to note, that Bishop Robinson comes from a noble bloodline of Bishop, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor and Teachers in his family on both his mother side and father’s side. It is correct to say the call of ministry is in his blood.

Bishop Robinson’s Church Scholastic History is the following: Evangelical Training Association, acquiring his certificate of completion of the required courses for Foundational Church Ministries He also attended the Harrison Hale School of Ministry, where he has successfully completed Phases I & II {Ministerial Foundation/Sermon Preparation}.

Bishop E. Edward Robinson, II is a member in good standings of the Joint College of Bishops, based in Cleveland Ohio under the leadership Archbishop J. D. Elliss. Bishop Robinson has received credits and certificate of completion for the required courses for episcopal studies for the years of 2011, 2012,2013, 2014 and 2015.

We are happy to announce, the much anticipated, debut book of Bishop Robinson, “Where is my father, A young man’s jounery towards a positive self image” it’s officially available, father’s day of 2017, and is currently available on amozon.com at barnes and nobles both in stores and online as well as available at The Prophet’s Table which is our book store and online.

God has placed Bishop in the Body of Christ for such a time as this. Many doors have been opened unto him to spread the Gospel in an array of settings; Conferences, Outdoor Crusades, Revivals, Convocations and Workshops all on a local, regional, national and international platform. Overall Bishop E. Edward Robinson, II is a servant to God and is committed to the working of ministry, edifying of the Body of Christ and the perfecting of the saint, with all his might, soul and body.