Home Rule Messages

A Home Rule Message is a request by the County Legislature for specific legislation from the New York State Legislature concerning the property, affairs of government of  the County of Suffolk. It is initiated by either the State Assembly and/or Senate. The certified form (called a Home Rule Request) must accompany certain state legislation in order for it to be voted on by either House. Special laws requiring a home rule message refer to legislation which in terms and effect applies to one or more, but not  all, municipalities in the State. 


If, at the local level, a home rule request is endorsed by the County Executive, only a majority vote of the Legislature is necessary; however, if it is not endorsed by the County Executive, then at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Suffolk County Legislature must vote in the affirmative. An official Home Rule Message shall be deemed one submitted pursuant to, and in compliance with Section 40 of the New York Municipal Home Rule Law.

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