Office of Budget Review

Mission Statement

The Budget Review Office is the professional, non-partisan, civil service staff that assists in the function of legislative oversight by reviewing and monitoring the budget for the Legislature.


The Office performs the following functions:

  • Reviews and amends, at the request of the Legislature, the  operating and capital budget and the capital program.
  • Reviews and analyzes the fiscal impact on the county of all matters, issues, resolutions that come before the Legislature.
  • Evaluates and costs out the budget implications of  all proposed labor agreements requiring Legislative approval.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Legislature and specified by the Suffolk County Charter.


The Budget Review Office publishes detailed reviews, available on-line and by request to the office, in the following time frames:

  • Review of the Proposed Capital Program & Capital Budget
    • Published in May
  • Analysis of the Suffolk Community College Proposed Operating Budget
    • Published in July
  • Review of the Recommended Operating Budget
    • Published in October