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Posted on: November 26, 2019

Suffolk Legislature Approves Resolution to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to County Property

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RIVERHEAD, N.Y. – The Suffolk County Legislature has approved a new resolution to install Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Stations at Suffolk County Properties. Introductory Resolution 1891 was introduced by Deputy Presiding Officer Rob Calarco and approved at the November 26th General Meeting of the Legislature. The bill directs the Suffolk County Department of Public Works to conduct a feasibility study into installing Level 2 Charging Stations at 10 County Properties. The study will be used by the Legislature to making funding determinations for potential EVC stations around the County.

“Here in Suffolk County we understand the need to address climate change because we are already seeing the effects,” said Deputy Presiding Officer Rob Calarco. “From Superstorm Sandy to the massive scallop die-off that we saw this year as a result of warmer waters, we know what the results will be if we do nothing. One of the things we can do is to help our residents adopt all-electric vehicle technologies that massively reduce CO2 emissions. By getting the infrastructure in place now, we can help make it viable for people to switch to this better alternative for our environment.”

Currently, 42% of US Energy-related carbon dioxide comes from petroleum. Suffolk County has traditionally been heavily reliant on the use of Conventional vehicles that use internal combustion engines. Cars are the primary mode of transportation for the vast majority of Suffolk County residents. Hybrid electric vehicles, Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and all electric vehicles typically produce 50% less in tailpipe emissions than conventional vehicles. Adoption of EVC stations has been primarily led by private companies and are located at private retail locations in Suffolk County. However, there are large gaps in availability and many EVC are at inconvenient locations that have prevented electric vehicles from being a viable alternative to conventional vehicles.

“Location is everything when it comes to deploying this technology,” added Calarco. “Although we have seen some charging stations pop up around Suffolk County at retail locations, there are too many gaps and that where the County can step in. We have property in prime locations that would serve as a great launching point to make all-electric vehicles viable and dependable for our residents.”

Level 2 EVC technology allows electric vehicles to recharge over a few hours, rather than the overnight charging that many owners use at their homes with Level 1 EVC. Superchargers, sometimes called Level 3 EVC, are proprietary and can generally only be used by particular vehicles. Level 2 EVC have a standard design that can be utilized by a great portion of electric vehicles.

The Department of Public Works will have 180 days to complete the study and deliver it to the Legislature. Calarco says that he intends to introduce further legislation to have EVC stations installed at County properties based on the study’s findings.

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